Wine, City, Red Woods, Oh My!

Interested in exploring the beauty of the Bay Area?

We help you see what you want to see! All our tours can be altered to your timeline and goals.

Wine Tours

Totally Customizable. See the wineries you want. Tasting fees not included-many wineries have free tastings.

TIP! Sonoma and Napa get pretty warm, but SF might be cold. Wear a removable layer!

Golden City Tour 

SF Your Way Tour

Totally Customizable. See our sample itinerary and must-see-stops.

TIP! We recommend bringing a sweater and wearing comfortable walking shoes for SF.

See the Red Woods 

Muir Woods Tour

Totally Customizable. Half mile walks to half day treks. Paved or unpaved. 

TIP! Get ready to disconnect for a while.
There’s no cell service in the forest.

See the Sea

Monterey Bay Tour

Totally Customizable. Learn about the pacific ocean it’s creatures.

TIP! The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an app you can download to help plan your day!

Want to see another place? Let us know! We’ll take you there.

If you have a different location or different itinerary, that’s fine! Give us a call and we’ll find a itinerary and tour that works for you!